About us

Practice Philosophy

Our office is dedicated to providing the ultimate in quality care for our patients. We strive for a “Four Star Resort” experience for our patients. Every decision and every action taken by an employee should be aimed toward achieving this goal. We want our practice to be at the forefront of our profession. We strive to be the best and brightest optometry practice in the country.

We believe that our patients are our friends - without them we would not have our jobs, and without their trust and friendship we would have no new patients. We place great importance on treating our patients with courtesy, fairness, and respect. We believe our employees are the heart of our practice. The qualities which they present to our patients have a much greater impact than our office decor, our equipment, or our building. It is our desire to have only staff members who will work together with a sincere spirit of cooperation and teamwork. We believe this is a key ingredient not only in the success of our practice but in also promoting a pleasant and rewarding work environment for our employees. To these ends, every employee understands and adopts the Rights of Employment herein defined.

Understanding and abiding by these rights is the responsibility of every employee, regardless of title, tenure, or other designated responsibilities.